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📍Our colleague Carles Pérez has participated today at the 8th edition of the International Physical Internet Conference #IPIC2021 presenting the lecture "Collaborative service-Dominant Bussiness Model Design for a Just-In-Time rail shuttle service at the Port of Valencia".

TIC 4.0 General Assembly meeting starts with more than 30 members including the latest one one to join TIL who explains why they have decided to join TIC 4.0 @iterminals @PEMASecretary @Feport_EU

"Port terminals will be managed in the near future by digital platforms in almost automatic way. Every asset that is working in a port terminal should be 'plug&play' and fully standardised", says Boris Wenzel, TIC 4.0 President.

#industry40 #standars #ports

"Our mission is to make standards attractive enough to engage the industry and facilitate their wide adoption, we must work together in this objective", says Marcel Van De Pol from @DCSA_org in the webinar "The 4th Industrial Revolution in Ports".

#industry40 #standards #ports

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