Advancing towards the Port Container Terminal 4.0

iTerminals 4.0 (APPLICATION OF INDUSTRY 4.0 TECHNOLOGIES TOWARDS DIGITAL PORT CONTAINER TERMINALS) is an EU funding project awarded in mid-2018 by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme that will implement 4th Industrial Revolution concepts to the Port Container Terminal Industry. The adoption of concepts like Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Robotics and Automation is transforming the industry and society and they have been adopted in strategic sectors such as automotive, heavy industries, energy, health, etc. However, the port industry is not taking advantage of the benefits and impacts derived from the digital transformation due to the low degree of implementation of such technologies and digital solutions.

iTerminals 4.0 project addresses this gap and comprises the study and pilot deployment in real operations at European port-container terminals of Industry 4.0 technologies within the container-handling sector. A wide range of transversal benefits are expected from the digital transformation of container port operations in terms of operational efficiency increase, safety and (cyber) security improvement, costs reduction and carbon footprint decrease. New IoT solutions and operational pilots will be developed and performed at eight strategic container terminals based on eight Core Network Ports of the Trans-European Transport Network: Antwerp, Dunkirk, Montoir, Rouen, Malta, Sines, Thessaloniki and Genoa.

Pilot activities will serve to improve, adapt and demonstrate the proposed solutions in order to test their feasibility and sustainability as well as their benefits before deploying them on a large scale. The project will test and evaluate advanced Industry 4.0 pilots applied to the operational environment of port-container terminals including the upgrade of port equipment’s sensor networks, the design of advanced big data and predictive analytics, the application of artificial intelligence as well as the provision of business intelligence models and real-time dynamic KPIs reporting.